9 creative uses for empty cosmetics boxes

There is no secret that we’re completely obsessed with natural, cruelty-free makeup. While most of us try to live greener lives, we often forget to reuse the nice boxes that came with our collection.

It’s easy to get buried in a pile of empty cosmetic boxes and other trinkets if you’re a beauty obsessive like us. Finding alternative applications is beneficial for both your wallet and the planet. Take a look at these clever ways to reuse empty cosmetics packaging.

Organize Bobby Pins in Empty Lip Balm Tubes 

It’s simple to recycle outdated boxes for cosmetics and other uses. Do you have empty lip balm boxes lying around? How about bobby pins that vanish as soon as you buy them? If so, a depleted tube of lip balm will do the work. You can create the bobby pin organizer with custom cosmetic boxes.

Keep Hair Ties, Money, and Jewellery Organised in Little Boxes

Do you believe it could be challenging to recycle used compacts? Try again! You may reuse this cosmetic case for anything else, like keeping your hair ties, earrings, and other little pieces of jewellery in one place. Its compact design makes it easy to store in a handbag for a night out with the gals, but its spacious interior makes it ideal for holding travel necessities.

Repurpose Old Cologne Bottles as Flower Holders

Empty perfume bottles are hard to part with since they’re too pretty (and expensive) to throw away. They should not be wasted. Additionally, you may transform those empty luxury cosmetic boxes into beautiful vases for a new lease of life.

Reuse Shampoo Boxes as Toothbrush Holders

Indeed, there is no more adaptable container than a shampoo bottle. It may be used as a scoop or to extend a shorter faucet. For our next life, we hope to be reborn as a brush holder. The bottom few inches of a used shampoo bottle should be snipped off. On the other hand, you may get rid of the sharpness of the cuts, and presto! Storage for your cosmetics brushes.

Store Pins in Old Lipsticks Boxes

Meanwhile, you may take your daily dosage of lipstick by scraping off any leftover residue and popping it into your mouth. Rather of using those dull and cumbersome pillboxes, consider recycling your old lipsticks as beautiful custom mascara boxes.

Repurpose an Empty Compact to Hold Your Perfume

Use a solid perfume disc and a bare compact to channel your inner hippie. To melt the beeswax and carrier oil, set a glass dish over a pot of boiling water. Indeed, melt everything to the point of complete liquidity. Use a clean finger to dab the solid perfume on your wrists. Somehow, a bottle of perfume will last for a year.


Make Sewing Kit by Repurposing Large Empty Cosmetics Boxes

However, little sewing kit that seems to have everything in it is our favourite hotel perk. DIY these with empty cosmetics pots. Sewing supplies like tiny scissors, a few pins, safety pins, needles, and a range of colourful threads can be stored in loose powder receptacles. Additionally, even huge eye makeup cosmetic packaging.

Repurpose Ordinary Household Boxes for Your Own Skincare Recipes

So, ready to step up your recycling game? Leave the expensive bins alone. Make do with what you’ve got. Use your empty lovely cosmetics boxes for your own skin care cleansers (such as apple cider toner, DIY facial wash, and face oil moisturisers). Also, you may reduce waste material of perfume boxes wholesale at the same time.

Create Pretty Pots for Your Plants Out of Jars

Miniature plant pots are making a comeback. Makeup boxes can be as little as an ink jar or an egg shell. Add potting soil, moss, small plants like forget-me-nots or violas, or water. Choose plants with shallow roots and water them frequently. Furthermore, who knew one tiny pot of gel liner could have so many uses? When you have a lot of cosmetic packaging boxes, you can make different style of pots.

Wrapping up

The above are some of the top techniques to create a custom cosmetic boxes without cutting your cost. If you want to buy the packaging at wholesale price then choose the right manufacturer.

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