Top 12 Best Webinar Software for Online Audiences

Webinar software is used for a variety of purposes like selling products, online presentations, hosting training sessions, and much more.

These online webinars are loaded with many facilities to offer to their audiences & hosts simultaneously. They are now the mainstream medium for interactive talks & feedback improvements.

In this blog we are going to discuss webinar services & their importance, different types of webinars as per their use & requirements and lastly picking up some of the popular webinar software which might help you in selecting the perfect fit for your event.

Webinar Services- all you need to know

If engaging with a wide range of audiences irrespective of their demographic, and growing with the trends is the aim of your company, organization, or whatever field it is, then hosting a webinar session can be the perfect fit for you.

With the help, the host can easily create a connection with the audience in real-time by solving the webinar live streaming services queries & actively participating in the activities.

The webinar allows you to share information in the form of audio & visuals, real-time interaction with the audience, get feedback, improved ROI for your business, and most importantly a budget-friendly option with everything getting ready at the virtual stage.

If we look at the current trends, the business industry has shifted towards these online tools for their annual meetings, tradeshows, training sessions, and much more as it can be attended remotely & extra expenditure on accommodation and venue is eliminated.

What are the different types of Webinars?

Before selecting the best webinar platform for your choice, you need to have a look at some of the most popular webinar types & their functionality. Some of them have been mentioned below –

On-Demand Webinar

This webinar tends to replace the live product demo session with its pre-recorded versions. These webinars can be scheduled keeping in mind the availability of the targeted audience and their convenience.

Product Tutorial Webinar

These webinars are mostly used by the company for announcements related to the development of new products or the addition of new features to existing ones.

These webinar platforms tend to catch the attention of the audience by generating excitement among them with interactive quizzes, gift hampers, and much more.

Training Webinar Sessions

It is one of the important interactions with the new ones who had recently joined your organization.

It facilitates more value to the new customers or employees in an interactive way and also lets you track the whole onboarding process.

Webinar For Lead Generation

The basic motto behind hosting these webinars is building strong connections with the viewers and ultimately making them your potential customers.

These types of webinars are designed specifically for the prospects & ideas that are already present in your database.

By providing them with educational content your company delivers expertise, a unique approach as well as a value proposition for the audience which helps in generating more leads for your business.

Benefits of using Webinar Services

Interactive webinar platforms act as a bridge between the targeted audience and lead generation. With lots of facilities to offer virtually, webinar sets the benchmark in the modern business world. Here are some of the important benefits of webinars –

  • It becomes easy to reach out to a large audience without any geographical barrier
  • They tend to save your precious time & resources involved
  • Repurposing the content of the webinar & increase the life of your content
  • Creates innovative lead generation ideas
  • It becomes easier to train and test the knowledge of your new customers
  • These events are 100% corona proof

Picking the 12 best Webinar Software

With prior knowledge of the working of the webinar sessions, your requirements, and your targeted audience, picking a webinar software become quite an easy task.

Below is the list of some of the most popular webinar software, which makes your search journey a fairly easy task –


  • Dreamcast comes up with live streaming sessions, customizable templates to choose from, and an interactive Q&A feature for the best audience experience.
  • It also has its 24*7 dedicated support which is ready to supervise whenever you need it.


  • It is one of the most popular webinar platforms which is focused on sales purposes & generation of high leads
  • It is focused on marketing features & has live chat rooms for the making sales strategy


  • If you are looking for diversity in the webinar sessions, then bigmarker is all you need.
  • With its live webinars, automated webinars, and evergreen webinar features you can easily customize your landing page and gets a maximum audience for your event.


  • If your requirement is only the automated webinar sessions. Then every webinar provides you with the best facility for interaction with the audience.
  • It is also one of the best live webinar platforms which can integrate two events simultaneously.

Webinar Kit

  • With its minimalistic design along with powerful customization features, webinarkit offers great services.
  • Apart from customization features this tool also offers exciting ideas for the creation of landing pages.


  • It is more of a browser-based platform that comes up with different types of webinar events & even webinar meetings.
  • It features interaction tabs that can be directly controlled by the host for better audience engagement.


  • If you are looking to set up your webinar in less than 30 seconds. Then there is no better choice than webinarninja6.
  • It is a webinar software with growing popularity and reliable customer support staff.


  • It is an all-in-one marketing platform that thus comes up with youtube, and Facebook live streaming features.
  • It is generally an email marketing software that has additional features attached like feathers.


  • It is one of the best webinar platforms with its dedicated user interface thus meetings & webinars are present on the same platform.
  • It has live chat rooms which work without any interruption for the audience & host.


  • It is the best platform if you are looking to create a webinar and aiming to build a community around the content & videos you share.
  • It has separate Q&A sessions with upvoting facilities.


There are a lot of aspects that can be taken into consideration when choosing the best webinar platform for your event.

By considering the audience. You want to reach or target the audience to fulfill your objectives choosing the platform becomes quite an easy task.

Always keep in mind that not all aspects can be covered. But most of them can be worked on and make the best out of your webinar session.

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