Automatic Transmission Fluid

Complete Guide on Manual and Automatic Transmission Fluid

One of the vital fluids that every automobile requires is transmission fluid. You must ensure that the fluid is at the correct level and standard for your automobile to operate at peak efficiency. When it comes to this fluid, each automobile has various specifications such as manual and automatic transmission fluid, which may be found in the owner’s handbook.

Transmission fluids for different models of cars

The transmission fluid for automatic cars and the manual transmission fluid are the two main types of transmission fluid used in automobiles.

Transmission fluid for automatic cars

Automatic car transmission fluid is designed for automobiles with automatic gearboxes. Some contemporary automobiles with manual transmissions also utilize this type of transmission fluid. In your automated automobiles, this fluid assists with a number of crucial processes, such as:

  • putting oil in the gearbox.
  • the action of the valve body (the automated car’s control center).
  • the use of a torque converter. When a car is automatic, a torque converter connects the power source to the load source; when a car is manual, the clutch of the automobile does this.
  • aids in the friction action of the clutch.
  • brake band rubbing.
  • cooling of the transmission.

Transmission fluid for manual cars

As implied by the name, manual automobile transmission fluid is only suitable for older manual vehicles. In manual transmission autos, transmission fluid is often known as a lubricant or manual transmission oil. Because it is heavier than 75 to 140W, manual automobile transmission fluid cannot be used in automatic vehicles.

Significance of automotive transmission fluid

Similar to the best engine oil in UAE, car transmission fluid lubricates the whole powertrain, including the metal components and bearings in the gearbox. Clutch, prop shaft, differential, and final drive shafts are among the components and bearings that prevent the gears from grinding down while they are in motion.

To maintain your gears shifting quickly, it is crucial to monitor the transmission fluid in your automobile. After all, you utilize gears frequently throughout the day as you drive, park, and reverse.

The fluid in automatic transmissions lubricates the moving elements, creates friction, and applies hydraulic pressure to start the internal components.

Additionally, transmission fluid in both manual and automatic automobiles aids in keeping the transmission cool.

How Often Should Best Engine Oil in UAE Be Check?

Your car’s transmission fluid will become polluted with dirt and debris over time and break down, resulting in fractures and fluid leaks. This is true for both automatic and manual transmission fluids.

Though transmission fluid does not need to be changed as frequently as engine oil, automobile owners should maintain their transmission fluids checked.

The frequency with which the fluid must be checked is determined by the performance of the gears. If the fluid begins to degrade or the level drops, you will notice a significant difference in how your gears function while shifting and changing.


This is all the critical information regarding transmission fluid that a car owner should be aware of. Check out these crucial auto fluids in addition to transmission fluid. Furthermore, if your automobile frequently breaks down, is low on fluids, and necessitates pricey maintenance, it simply makes sense to replace it.


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