The Ultimate Guide to get a Start-Up Visa in Canada

The Ultimate Guide to get a Start-Up Visa in Canada

You might be wondering, what is meant by Start-up Business Visa and for which purpose do we use it? Well, this can be very useful for all those who are interested to do any business in future. You can easily immigrate to Canada via start-up visa program, if you are possessing wonderful innovative ideas regarding business. 

This is because Canada is already searching such great innovators who will eventually assist in boosting Canada’s economy and also, it will help the residents of Canada as well in providing job opportunities. 

The Canada’s visa startup program offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to move to Canada to start a new business. Immigrant entrepreneurs must show that their business is innovative, will create jobs for Canadians, and can compete on the global level. Bussin Snacks Review Discover if this online snack store is a scam or legit


-PR (Permanent Residency) Eligibility:

If someone applies for a start-up visa, he/she becomes eligible of getting permanent residency of Canada.

-Family Visa: 

Family Visa is applicable to the husband, wife and children, not other members like parents.

Our Services:

  • Develop business ideas and coaching.
  • Connecting with Canadian authorized incubation
  • Creation of Business
  • Training and support with incubation
  • Filing visa of immigration/support
  • Creation of bank account
  • Shareholder

Eligibility Criteria for Canada’s start-up visa

There are four requirements you must meet to qualify for a Canadian startup visa:

-Be a good business innovator:

  • You must hold at least 10% of the voting rights attached to all company shares
  • With a designated organization, you must hold at least 50% of the voting rights attached to all shares of the company.
  • Have a letter of support from a designated organization:
  • You need to show that you have a business fund, a group of angel investors, or a business incubator
  • To do this, you need to articulate your business vision and reassure the organization that it deserves support
  • The process for submitting your business idea will vary from organization to organization
  • If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of support from the organization that should be include in your first visa application.

-Language requirements:

You must do a language test at an accredited institution and demonstrate that you meet the minimum standard of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in English or French in the areas of speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Proof of finance:

You need to show that you have enough money to support yourself and any other dependents when you arrive in Canada. The amount you need depends on the size of your family.

How to apply for a start-up visa?

-Complete the application form

  • Complete the Canadian General Application Form.
  • Click the “Confirm” button on the form, and make sure you have completed all the required fields.
  • Publish a certified application form, making sure you include a barcode page.
  • Sign the form and write the date.

-Complete the document checklist

  • Collect all the listed documents in the manner specified in the document checklist.
  • Put all the required documents in a sealed envelope.
  • Print the document checklist and sign it.
  • List the document checklist as the cover page for your application.

-Application charges

  • The application fee includes your processing costs and those included in your application
  • Right to a permanent residence permit
  • External funding costs include medical examination fees, police certificates, and language tests
  • Process Investment for Start-Up Visa is 85,000$ (Price may vary with extra dependents).

Process/Service Agreement

  • At this stage, deposit 2500$  (If we don’t deliver 100% refund on deposit but once we process and go for incubation and client doesn’t make the next payment, there will be 0 refund on deposit made by him initially).
  • 3-month creation of business
  • Meet other partners and refining
  • Profile creation of the client
  • Interview preparation
  • Incubation Interview
  • Start of training (Time span is 4-8 weeks) = 50% payment will be taken at this stage
  • Letter of Support = Rest of 50% payment will be taken at this stage.

-Submission of application

  • Before submitting your application, ensure that it is complete
  • Make sure you have signed all forms
  • Pay your processing fees and include receipts in your application
  • Include all supporting documents

Put all documents in a 9” x 12” envelope, write ‘start-up visa’ on the outside of the envelope, and mail to the appropriate address.

What is the processing time for Canada’s start-up visa?

The current processing time for the start-up visa is 12-16 months.

-Apply to Canada

After getting done with all the above explained process, applicants are now ready to fly to Canada.

-PR (Permanent Residency)

For getting permanent residency in Canada, one has to wait for 15-16 months. After this span of time, the applicant will be able to get it.


As far as citizenship is concerned, it will take a bit longer time. At least, the applicant has to wait for 3 years in order to get citizenship of Canada.

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