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Learn The Difference Between Test Plan And Test Strategy

An efficient software comes to the service of clients after careful planning and immense effort of the software testing and production team. Knowledgeable minds make it possible for us to use social media applications like Facebook & Instagram, entertainment platforms like Netflix & Amazon Prime, and payment applications like Paytm & Google Pay. However, testing software is as crucial as developing them. Thus arrives the need for test plans and test strategies.

In this post, we will tell you what a test plan & test strategy are and how they are different. Let’s go!

Key differences 

First, let’s give you an overview of the key differences between the test plan document and the test strategy document before moving further with the in-depth study of each document.


Test Plan Test Strategy
A test Plan is a record that describes the outline of the software testing plan. The test strategy outlines how the software testing is to be done.
It includes scope, objective, method, and test plan management software required for product delivery.  It determines the test designs and regulates the software testing process.
Its primary goal is, how and when to test the software  Its main objective is, the module to be tested and the technique to be followed.
Test plans can be changed in the mid-testing process. Test strategy can’t be altered once proceeded.
Used at the project level. Used at an organizational level. 


Moving further, let’s understand the difference between a test plan and a test strategy in depth.


The test strategy document is a part of a test plan document, especially in smaller-level projects. Thus the components involved in each document vary significantly. Understand below the key components of a test plan document and a test strategy document. 

Test Plan

A test plan can be defined as a document that includes the product’s scope and goal, its estimations, test strategy, test approach, resources required, testing schedules, and test estimations. The test plan can also be called the blueprint which is required for a proper test operation and ensures the delivery of a reliable product.  


The components of a test plan document include:

  • Test plan ID
  • Features to be tested
  • Testing techniques
  • Testing tasks
  • Determining the outcome of the features (pass/fail)
  • Test deliverables
  • Schedules

Test Strategy

The test strategy in software testing is a draft that includes a set of guiding principles, and an approach for the software development cycle. These principles and approaches regulate the testing designs and determine how the testing process has to be operated. 


The components of a test strategy document include

  • Goal and scope
  • Documentation formats
  • Testing processes
  • Team reporting structure
  • Client communication strategy


The test plan document and test strategy document are essential for delivering a successful and reliable software product. They both vary in purpose and hence the benefits of each of them are distinct. Mentioned below are the benefits of respective documents.

Test Plan

  • Keeps the track of tests that will be run on the system after coding
  • Records the test’s outcomes
  • Identifies the test errors in the prone parts of the software
  • Aid as a guide throughout the testing process
  • Serves as a valuable testing record
  • Helpful later for regression testing

Test Strategy

  • Describes the testing approach
  • Tells how the software product has to be tested
  • Informs the roles, responsibilities, and resources needed for the test
  • Describes the schedule constraints
  • Can be used in multiple projects

A test plan document is as crucial for software testing as a test strategy document. Both require immense focus or the software product delivered might face serious issues or errors that can be very expensive and energy-consuming later. There are various tools and software (test plan management software and test strategy management software) available that help a test manager and project manager while product testing, for an efficient outcome after the completion of the software testing. 

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