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The Camping Experience In Jaisalmer 2023: Have fun


A visit to the Undercity of Rajasthan The Undercity of Rajasthan, which is the heart of the Desert. Jaisalmer brings to mind a sparkling images of the pure Alchemists, and the brightness of of soft, sandy beaches. One of the major draws within the vicinity of Jaisalmer is definitely Jaisalmer’s Thar Desert, ando the in the undercity, it is difficult to see it.


Today, there are four spots within the desert. The Desert is where you will find basic tent cities and lavish desert camps. Late night cultural programs featuring folk music will delight. The places where you can camp are listed below.


What is the best time to Tent in Jaisalmer?

One of the world’s biggest desert ecosystems is located in Jaisalmer which is known as which is known as the “Golden city” located in Haryana. Camping in Jaisalmer is an option to check in the event that it’s hot and dry in summer because of its status as a deserted landscape.


Season of Warmer and drier months

The campers of Jaisalmer should avoid during the summertime. Rajasthan should be avoided at all times the sun’s energy is gone due to the fact that it is because of the hot and humid time of the year. In the summer months, Jaisalamer’s global average temperature hovers between 49 and 50 degrees Centigrade.


The Winter of Summer

The winter months are the ideal time to sleep in luxury tents in Jaisalmer when summer has almost over and a new wind starting to begin to. The relaxation from the humidity as well as the glaring sunlight is offered by the winter season. It is a great time to travel to Himachal between November to March. Everybody are able to agree that an enjoyable, cold night beneath the stars is a truly memorable experience


First Rajputana Desert Camp

A brand-new resort for camping called Rajputs Desert Camp opened in Sam Jaisalmer in 2014. It’s a top spot in Jaisalmer to enjoy a top outdoor experience. The camp is close to the Sam dunes (200 meters) and, consequently, they offer a dromedary view right from the tents.


They’ve got thirty-five tent cities. They also have and a stage area where they offer only full dancers and musicians to entertain guests. They also offer paid excursions for parasailing and dirt bikes.


The Serai Camp

The De voir que in Jaisalmer is the ultimate camping treat when you have cash available. If the thought of sleeping in a tent does not strike you as luxurious then you’re in for an experience that will blow your mind when you go to The Serai.


The Serai is comprised of 21 spacious tents set on the foundations made of Jaipur Stone, built on 30 acres of scrub in the Great Desert. Therefore, each tent is larger than thousand square feet and has a luxurious bathroom, an enormous guest room, and enclosed seating.


Additionally, you will get an attractive garden that includes an encased pool you opt for one of the Luxurious Tents. This Royalty boasts a wonderful spa, as well as a pool which is maintained well,


Wilderness Camp located in Damodara

The latest and newest offering a smaller-scale, luxury outdoors experience Jaisalmer The new and exclusive Jaisalmer Source Desert Camp. Ten Swiss tents are available. It was launched in the year 2011. It’s significantly quieter than other nearby camp sites.

The majority of employees come from villages nearby, and the camp is outfitted with antiques, giving the impression of an authentic village. The elegant camp uses entertainment from circus shows as well as Rajasthani dances to traditional songs to entertain guests and does not use DJs or other loud music.

The dunes in a private area away from the bustling neighbourhood are the place where camel excursions are carried out. The roof deck at this stunning location, watching the sky at night is a thrilling experience.

The toilets in the public areas and the tents themselves are impeccable. The tents can be found.

Prince Desert Camp

There are nearly 30 tents available for camping in Prince Camp in Jaisalmer. The most luxurious camp sites are close to those of the Sam Dunes. The suite tents feature beautiful interiors and bathrooms that are superior in comparison to typical tents.

There isn’t any noise since it’s located in a far enough distance from the camp site along the main road, that is, in fact, an essential element.

The fact that sands are present in the vicinity of the camp gives it an authenticity. The early morning hours are the best time for to the dunes for a walk. Hot showers are offered in the tents, and the food is delicious. The camp is well-run with friendly staff.

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