Tips for designers to match right dress with diamond jewellery

A lot of women across the world spend a considerable amount of time deciding what to wear every day. And if that wasn’t enough, making a decision on what jewellery to pair with your outfit can often be tricky. Although, matching the perfect jewellery with the outfits isn’t as difficult as rocket science, it does take a creative mind to pair something beautiful together. This is where the role of fashion designers comes into play. Their experience in fashion enables them to pair some of the trickiest outfits with the perfect jewellery that brings out the beauty of both the jewellery and the outfit. All you have to do is follow some simple tips listed below and you can pair any outfit with the jewellery that you have.

Consider the occasion you are dressing up for

Whatever dress or jewellery you choose to wear you should always consider the place and occasion you are dressing up for. For example, you wouldn’t wear the same dress and jewellery to the club as you would wear to the church. Irrespective of the dress you are wearing you should always be considerate of the place and occasion when it comes to jewellery. You cannot wear a dangling bracelet to work when you are typing at the keyboard.

Choose the jewellery according to the neckline

The thumb rule to pick the right kind of jewellery for your outfit is to choose one according to the neckline of your dress. Choose your jewellery in a way that will enhance your neckline and the dress. For example, for a square neck dress you can opt for an angular pendant necklace. For a strapless dress you can choose a diamond choker necklace. These necklaces you can match with your lab grown engagement rings.

Highlight your face with jewellery

One of the easiest ways to select a jewellery is according to your face cut. Your dress might be great but if you want to draw attention to your face then you should opt for statement earrings which are big and bold that highlight your eyes. You can choose jewellery according to your face cut as well. Women who have heart shaped faces can go for drop earrings while those who have an oval cut face can opt for studs or triangular earrings which highlight their cheekbones.

Dress pattern and colour

One should pick jewellery in accordance with the colour of the outfit they are wearing. Any kind of jewellery will look good on outfits that are black, white or have a neutral colour. If your dress is heavily embellished or is extremely bright and flashy then you should opt for simple sober jewellery such as a small pendant necklace and a sleek bracelet. But if your dress is monochrome and plain then you can opt for some flashy statement jewellery that stands out such as an ornate sapphire engagement rings Hatton garden or oversized earrings. If you are confused about what jewellery to wear then you can safely opt for diamond jewellery.

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