Maharashtra monsoons are not only about floods, water and traffic congestion. There are some amazing spots near Mumbai and Pune with lush hills and dense forests, inviting streams and sparkling waterfalls that provide the most thrilling trekking near Mumbai.

The best monsoon getaways are located in the Sahyadri region and are fantastic trekking spots close to Mumbai or Pune. This is where you can find the most exciting trekking locations in the vicinity of Mumbai as well as Pune.

Kalsubai Trek

Locations for trekking in Maharashtra do not have a limit, and, if it’s monsoon season, there are many trekkers and the amount increases extremely high. The Sahyadri mountains are large enough to cover numerous places to trek.

Kalsubai trek is a great example of an adventurous trekking experience and those who love adventure would appreciate the trails that are straightforward yet unpredictably stunning. Kalsubai hill appears like the most awe-inspiring point in Maharashtra and is considered to be one of the most popular trekking spots close to Mumbai.

The peak is located about 166 metres above sea level and is located in the Sahyadris region of Akole Taluka of Ahmednagar District. Small Kalsubai temple can be found at the base of the peak. However, the views of the surrounding area of the summit are significant.

Surroundings include Hariharga, Anjaneri, Ratanga, Brahmagiri, Kulang and many more. As with any other trek, the Kalusbai trek gives you an initial base, that includes Bari Gaon with few hundreds of inhabitants and is among the top treks close to Mumbai.

To aid in climbing difficult areas, the trails are lined with steel railings and ladders, chains for climbing, etc. There are a variety of trek routes and tracks for animals to get to the summit. The main route begins at Bari Gaon which is about 6 km away from Bhandardara.

Lohagadi Fort

Lohagadi Fort, Mumbai’s most loved tourist destination, exclusively for those who love adventure, requires no introduction. Lohagad Fort Trek considered to be one of the top trekking spots in Mumbai and attracts many people from around the world who are eager to take on the long and winding path that leads us up to the summit.

It is a fortress universally defended of the village that is located in the base. The village’s main location is accessible by taxi, bus or walking. The day trip to Mumbai and a night stay is essential for anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure in the area.

Monsoon brings in millions of trekkers from across the globe and brings them to the village at the bottom as it is the most recommended time for Lohagad Fort trekking since Maharashtra is a place with plenty to offer, particularly attractions such as castles, hills and forts.

The plain on which the fort is situated is bustling, even though it’s cool and foggy during the time of rain. Views from up there as well as across the streets are the main reason for those who want to escape the monsoon rain and take on a new adventure. Green carpets of

Trails are open to all visitors trails, where wildlife and wild plants are available to be seen when you stroll. Lohagad fort is a term that means an iron fort Marathi and is situated in the middle of the famed Sahyadri mountains. There are four gates that are believed to be in good condition.

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort is a famous fort situated within the Sahyadri mountain range . It is one of the most beautiful trekking routes in Maharashtra. The fort is situated at an altitude of 2710 metres above sea level.

It affords visitors a stunning views of the mountains and the backwaters of Shirota Dam. The fort can be reached straight via Pune by way of Lonavala. The road that leads to the fort isn’t top-quality, particularly for driving.

It’s an mountain bike track which can be used to race. The fort is a perfect location for a quiet camping trip close to Mumbai particularly in the caves. They can hold up to

0 people. There are other accommodations available for those who aren’t able to stay in the fort. Kalbhairavanath temple in the foothills is among the most popular locations to stay close to the fort. While visiting the fort you will be able to take in delicious local cuisine or prepare a simple meal.

The trail isn’t any threat for you, however, remember to drink plenty of water. Forts that are night-time treks are most often done here because the trail is simple and does not require any deviances. It is easy to reach the top with an emergency light.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Mumbai but trekking is only one of them. it is among the top trekking destinations close to Mumbai.

Tikona Fort

A triangular Fort Tikona Fort is located in Mavali in Maharashtra. It offers visitors an exhilarating trek near Mumbai due to its sloped side. Some areas are very steep, and one has be able to lower their body in order to keep his body at the level of the ground.

When you are at the top, you will be treated to a spectacular panorama over the Pavna River and other forts such as the forts with twins Visapur along with Lohagad.


Tandulwadi is a favorite spot for those who yearn for a monsoon getaway close to Mumbai. When monsoon season is in full swing, Tandulwadi Fort creates quite an adventure for hikers. There are over a billion trees that block hikers from looking even the distance of 10 inches. Additionally, the marks that are painted on the stones are typically taken away by every rain.

This place for hiking near Mumbai offers all the elements of an adventure, however, it also offers unforgettable memories that are difficult to forget.

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