WhatsApp Plus APK Download Android APK Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp Plus adds all the features you’ve been using on your regular WhatsApp account, but with more options to make it even better.

WhatsApp Plus, taking cues from the original WhatsApp design is easy to use. This ensures that you don’t need to learn new tabs or controls.

WhatsApp Plus has some notable additions that you won’t find anywhere else, especially the basic WhatsApp.



This feature allows you to delete any chats that are not needed, as well as clear chats and all other stuff you don’t want.

Recording Status

Whatsapp Plus APK has another amazing feature that allows you to hide your recording status.


This feature is not available to Whatsapp Business Accounts. However, GB Whatsapp Pro created this feature to help its users. This feature allows you to set up and send an auto-reply message for people you wish.


This app also has unlimited wallpapers, which is another amazing feature. This feature allows you to create amazing wallpapers for your chat screen.

History and logs

Whatsapp Plus APK offers History and Logs, which is something that official Whatsapp does not offer. This allows you to keep track of all activity on your account.

This feature can prove to be extremely beneficial in many ways, and also available in other amazing Mod Fouad Whatsapp APK.

Fonts and styles:

Everybody wants different font styles. This feature allows you to have a wide range of colors, sizes, styles and shapes.


The app lets you share things in a way Official Whatsapp doesn’t support. You can share HD quality images and videos that exceed 30 seconds in length, 50 MB of video size and 100 MB audio size.


Customization – The platform allows users to customize their chat experience by choosing from a variety of visual themes. This allows users to customize the display’s header, colors, and fonts to suit their unique style.

Emoticons – Express yourself better using an improved set of emoticons, emojis and other tools that you can only find on WhatsApp Plus

Privacy – You can hide your last seen status and prevent others from knowing when you’ve listened to their audio, viewed their statuses or checked their messages. This is the catch: you don’t have to give up your right to view these as basic WhatsApp would.

File sharing is improved – Apart from the lower quality images that come with sharing files (such image on basic FM WhatsApp), there are also limitations to the size of the file that can be shared. WhatsApp Plus allows you to share files up to 50MB at a time – and they don’t need to be compressed.

What users have to say about Whatsapp Plus APK

Whatsapp Plus APK is by all means the best app. You have the ability to customize your app as you wish. This allows you to give your chat and profile a completely new look. This app has many advanced features that are not available in the official version. 

Download the YO Whatsapp via the link above to enjoy its amazing features.

System Requirements

You need Android Version 4.0 or above to use it

It can be installed on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices

The activation of “Unknown Sources” is required for the installation of the app by means of the APK File.

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