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Where to Place Links for Greater Engagement in Facebook Posts

Making and sharing posts that link to blog videos, posts or podcasts, websites, and pages through social networks has become a standard promotion method since the early time of Facebook. To get the message out on the internet, we think sharing them with our networks is enough. It is logical to have 1.5 billion Facebook users at any given moment.

However, social marketing professionals have long believed in Facebook’s algorithm, which is a Facebook algorithm created to ensure that people are not scrolling through their feeds of news and penalizes other hyperlinks that are posted on their Facebook pages. A practical method of avoiding this is to include the link as the first comment or in a pinned comment. Do you think that this is a good idea?

A study of more than fifty million social media posts, conducted in collaboration with Social Insider, offers more insights into how different kinds of posts perform click here.

Where to Place Links for Greater Engagement in Facebook Posts

To answer questions about the placement of links within Facebook postings, Social Insider looked at 173,338 Facebook pages for businesses and found 51,054,216 Facebook posts.

What is a Facebook post that has a link or an unlinked Facebook post that does not have a link? There are many kinds of a Facebook posts. Writing text or uploading images or videos directly to your seat without links is possible. But, you can link your post to a picture or video, and the post will display the preview, which serves as a visual hook.

Since we believe that Facebook does not like posts that contain hyperlinks, many small companies (but not nearly as many as we think) include hyperlinks in the first place or pinned posts for more exposure. As we’ll see, it isn’t the most efficient option.

Posts on Facebook without links get more than twice the amount of engagement.

A rate of engagement on Facebook indicates how many people viewed your post via an interaction with a comment, like, or sharing. You might have reached a large number of people through your post, but If your engagement percentage isn’t high, few people took the time to look.

Social Insider analyzed the percentage of engagement for posts with links or not they found a significant gap in the employment of posts.

A photo that was not linked had 68 percent more engagement than one with a link followerspro.

A simple text message that does not include a link has a 125% higher engagement than the status with an embedded link.

The algorithm, backed by the user and user preferences, favors posts that do not have hyperlinks. This can be a significant issue for large and small businesses that want to bring users to their websites. Mainly for e-commerce businesses looking to increase sales. But, these findings suggest that companies may need to think of a different method to get users to their websites.

The kind of Facebook post that gets the most attention across all platforms is an album.

A Facebook album post that does not have links has 52% more engagement than an album post with an embedded link. Also, it receives higher concentration from all angles performing 4% better than a status message and 77 percent better than videos or photos.

This is excellent news for small businesses that have to keep customers up-to-date through social media. Small QR codes and tiny URLs are now available for those with several devices.


Brands don’t usually include links in their blog comments.

Including a link within comments is often a discussed answer to algorithm issues. However, it’s not used in practice by companies. 99.76 percent of brands have not used this method. There are several reasons. https://specgiants.com/

The first is that including the link in a comment is difficult to sell, which companies are cautious about. It could also seem like the company didn’t put in the time or effort. To develop content specifically for the platform, which the brand would never want to be accused of. On mobile devices, posts are usually displayed with no comments, making it easy to scroll. The link won’t attract attention.

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