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Which are the top treks in Pune?


Adventure fans must always be looking for places to trek in Pune. Pune was also a popular travel destination. With scenic views and stunning surroundings, this place attracts many tourists from all over the world. Vibrant and energetic, Pune is a center of science and industry, forming the ‘New India’, a perfect blend of economy, spirituality, tradition and contemporary lifestyle.

Long-standing stronghold of the Maratha kingdom and home of the incredible Rajah his Shivaji, the Pune region is characterized by major land and sea forts that are a manifestation of its glorious past. There are plenty of other places to relax, and you might be surprised at how nature-rich this waterside city is with a range of clear views from its stunning hills.

Go for treks in Pune is his one of the best activities preferred by people walking all over India. Pune’s Sahyadri Mountain View is filled with trekking his areas and forts built by Shivaji Maharaj along the western side of Maharashtra. There is no better way to spend a weekend in the great outdoors. Pune is beautiful throughout and has a very soulful vibe, he one of the greenest cities surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests with a variety of posts and trekking spots.

Here you will find some of the best treks in and near Pune

  • Matheran Trekking

  • Location: Sondewadi, Maharashtra

Matheran Trekking Pune is located 125 km from Pune and offers some of the most beautiful views of the countryside. Most trekking enthusiasts visit this beautiful place to reach Garvet Point and experience the best itinerary. Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with mesmerizing views of different waterfalls, mountains, and green meadows. Breathtaking sunsets and sunrises are easily seen from Galbat Point.


Kalsubai Peak Trek

  • Location: Near Bari Village
  • How to reach Karsubai Peak Trek near Pune: You can go by bus, taxi, or by Trekking.

Karsubai Peak Trek is located 180 km from Pune and can be done between June and September. At 1646 m above sea level, the summit of Karsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra. The view from the top is very good and offers great views of the nearby fort and the Bandadhara Dam. Walking in the clouds will be the best trek ever and the cool breeze will be the ultimate experience ever.


Vasota Fort Trek

  • Location: Near Bamnoli village
  • How to reach Vasota Fort Trek: You can go by bus, by boat, on foot, or by Hiking.

Vasota Fort is located near Bamnoli village in Satara District, at an altitude of 1171 m. Surrounded by dense forests and valleys in the Konya Wildlife Sanctuary, the Vasota Fort Trek is a very interesting trek through steep hills and a popular trekking spot in Maharashtra. The trek he completes in one day and sees Shiv Sagar Lake on his three sides of the fort. From the fort, reach the Nageshwar Caves, which requires a 2-hour trek. Climbing, climbing and mesmerizing views of the Kas Mahabaleshwar range from the top of the fort are the main highlights to complete this trek.


Hadsar Trek

Hadsar is a hill fort in Maharashtra. It is located at an altitude of 3200 feet above the ground in the Pune district. Inside the fort is a huge tunnel-like entrance built in the Mughal style.

There are neat steps carved into the rock leading up to these double gates. There are also cisterns and water tanks within the sparse fortress. The fort has a Shiva temple and a pond opposite it. The Citadel also has a huge basement that was probably used as a storehouse. The corners of the Shiva temple have stone carvings of Ganesha and Hanuman.

    • Availability of Night Trek: Yes
  • Base Camp: Hadsar village
    • Difficulty level: Easy to Medium
  • Height above sea level: 3200 feet
    • Nearest Airport: Mumbai
    • Nearest Railhead: Kalyan
  • Region: Sahyadris
  • The Starting point of trek: From the base village of Hadsar
  • Type: Hill fort


Rajgad Trek

The Rajgad Trek is a gentle trek starting from Gunjavane village in Pune district and ending at Rajgad Fort. This is a popular trekking course for intermediates seeking thrills. The climb is via a hill called Murum Dev Dongal in the Sayadri Mountains. The fort sits more than 1400 meters above sea level in the picturesque surroundings of India’s Western Ghats. This creates beautiful and exciting terrain for adventure activities.

The best time for Rajgad Trek is monsoon and winter season. The weather remains cool and pleasant all day long, allowing adventure seekers to complete the trek.Some areas of the hill have railings to facilitate the hike. However, hikers should exercise caution while climbing, especially during the monsoon season, and be aware of tricky, slippery and dangerous parts of the terrain. You can even sign up for a trekking group and climb hills under the guidance of a trainer.

  • Availability of night trek: Availble
  • Base Camp: Gunjavane Village
  • Difficulty level: Easy – Moderate
  • Height above sea level: 4200 feet
  • Nearest Airport: Pune
  • Nearest Railhead: Pune
  • Region: Sahyadris
  • The starting point of trek: Gunjavane village
  • Type: Hill – Fort


Chavand Trek, Pune Overview

Chavand (or Prasannagad) is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Located at an altitude of about 3500 feet above the ground in the Pune district, the fort is part of the ‘Famous Five’. Other forts that fall into this category are Hadsah, Shivneri, Zivdan and Naneghat.

This fort features his seven water tanks in a row, carved out of a single rock. There are some cannons on the way to the fort. At the top of the citadel is the Chamunda Temple, flanked by a water tank at the highest point of the fort. From the south end of the fort you can see the famous Kukdeshwar Temple and the Kukudi River.

  • Availability of Night Trek: Yes
  • Base Camp: Chavand village
  • Difficulty level: Medium to Difficult Gradient
  • Height above sea level: 3490 feet
  • Nearest Airport: Pune
  • Nearest Railhead: Kasara
  • Region: Sahyadri Ranges
  • The starting point of trek: From a village school located at the base of the fort
  • Type: Hill fort


Fort Tikona, Lonavala Overview

Fort Tikona, a hill fort, is a popular day-hiking spot in the Pawana-Mavar area of ​​Konkan. The true Marathi name of the fort is Vitandgad, but the more familiar name comes from the triangular shape on which it is built. Perched at an altitude of 3500 feet, the fort has a high fortress, large gates, seven cisterns with clean water, and spectacular views from the top fort.

Trekking Duration: 1-2 hours
Difficulty level: Easy
Distance From Pune: 50 kms


Some people like to indulge in challenging activities like trekking as it is the perfect way to get close to nature with adventurous activities. It is the best season for trekking when the scenery looks more attractive. Pune has several trekking destinations and you can find both easy and difficult trekking spots.


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