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Whether you’re looking for the latest esports news in Vietnam or boxing news in Vietnam, 8x Gaming News in Vietnam will keep you updated. In this article, you’ll find articles about boxing events, GAM Esports, YouSport, and more.

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Among the various online sports news casino trực tuyến websites, YouSport is the most popular sports news website in Vietnam. It provides comprehensive coverage of all the major sports events in Vietnam and in other countries.

The website also offers predictions and betting games. It also provides live scores of various sports events. You can also book tickets to events on the website. You can also interact with other sports fans and watch videos of sports events. It has a huge database of breaking news stories.

Another popular sports news website in Vietnam is Xem the Thai 789. It provides comprehensive coverage of sports events in Vietnam, including football, tennis, volleyball, golf, cricket, and baseball. It has an extensive video library and offers live reports, news, and articles in Vietnamese and English. You can also find a community of sports enthusiasts and betting fans. It also has a free mobile app.


Among the many online sports news sites in Vietnam, YeuTheThao stands out. It is one of the leading websites in the industry and provides sports news, betting games, and videos. It also features an interactive sports prediction game. You can play online or use their mobile app.

EightX is a sports news website that provides comprehensive coverage of sports events. It offers articles written by vetted professionals and contains a library of breaking news and videos. The website also features a community of sports enthusiasts. It has a calendar of upcoming sports events and a forum for discussing sports topics. Its content is updated daily. EightX is available in English and Vietnamese and has a large following of sports fans in Vietnam.

8X also offers betting games for football, e-sports, and other sports. It also features expert commentary on football matches. You can also follow live scores and schedules of boxing events.


XemTheThao789 is a website that is a good place to start when it comes to gaming news in Vietnam. It offers video content, live scores, and information about e-sports. In addition, it also provides a calendar of upcoming events.

Besides XemTheThao789, there are also some other websites that can fill the void. There are several sites that offer the best of both worlds: news articles, videos, and live scores. Some websites are specifically for soccer fans, while others cover a wide range of sports. Some of the sites that provide the best gaming news in Vietnam are listed below.

A recent report from APP Annie shows Vietnam as the second largest game market in Southeast Asia. This is a significant development for a country that has been ruled by the Communist Party of Vietnam for decades.

GAM Esports

During a trip to New York, a League of Legends team from Vietnam and GAM Esports had the opportunity to show the rest of the world what it is all about. They showed off a number of impressive feats. But the most impressive one was the one that involved a number of different regions.

GAM Esports made a perfect run from the Group Stage to the Knockout Stage. It won its group, knocked out the Immortals, and swept the Philippines 3-0. It is a good sign for the team that they can stay on track in the knockout phase.

They also beat Fnatic. This was a good casino trực tuyến way to show the world that they can play with the big boys. But, it also means that they need more support to be successful in a competitive environment.

Viet Nam boxing events

Until recently, Vietnamese boxing events had been amateur only. But in 2019, the country will have its first year of professional boxing competitions. This will allow the nation to test its strength against top fighters from around the world. And as travel restrictions become less restrictive, the format will continue to attract international athletes.

The first year of professional boxing in Vietnam was a success. It marked the first time that the Vietnamese boxing scene has been able to compete with world champions. The event saw over twenty million spectators attend the matches.

Several Vietnamese fighters were unbeaten in the event. Cao Van Nguyen shocked Ariel Puton of the Philippines in the men’s 57kg category. Nguyen Van Duong put two Thai opponents on the canvas. Truong Dinh Hoang, a local champion, won a shutout. He will represent Vietnam in the WBA Asia title fight.

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