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Become a Specgiants.com guest blogger. Submit a guest post or write for us in a variety of categories. We offer guest blogging opportunities for you to submit a guest post to our website. SpecGiants blog is looking for guest writers to write for us on Technology, Small Businesses, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence AI, Education, Blockchain, Fashion, Sports, Social media, SEO, Hosting, Gadgets, Computers, Hardware, Apps / Reviews, Marketing, Business Blogging, Startup and Entrepreneurship, and other topics.

We are distinct from other technology and digital marketing bloggers. The number of words in the content is not significant. Only excellent articles will be accepted for publication on the SpecGiants Blog. Furthermore, there is no requirement to be the ultimate writer and blogger.

Guidelines for the guest post on SpecGiants

Thank you so much for showing interest in publishing a Blog on SpecGiants.

What articles can I write?

You can write an article that relates to the categories

  • Technology, Software, Internet, SEO, Gadget
  • Business, Finance, Marketing, Insurance.
  • eCommerce, Digital Marketing,
  • Internet Marketing, Cyber Security, VPN
  • Social Media, Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Health, Travel
  • Entertainment, Gaming, Sports
  • Home Appliances, Home Automation, etc.
  • FinTech and Finance

What we distribute

Articles can be lighthearted in tone and content, which is ideal for less serious instructional exercises and posts, or they can be meticulously organized and altered. All investigations of current and cutting-edge topics in the web business should be thoroughly considered. Please send us an email with your accommodations. You can also send us a plaintext file, a Markdown document, or a link to an HTML report. (Please do not send a ZIP file containing resources unless specifically requested by a supervisor.)

A supervisor will review your accommodation and determine if it is a good fit. If this is true, the entire group will survey and investigate it. This occurs once per week.

The editorial manager will compile the group’s feedback and contact you with notes.

Guest posting Guidelines

  • Only content that is original, unique, relevant, and well-written will be considered. If you have published this article elsewhere, don’t bother submitting it here – we check Copyscape and Google before we publish!.
  • We only accept high-quality English-language guest blog posts.
  • Posts should be between 1000 and 2000 words long.
  • Keywords with long tails are preferred.
  • To add value, an article should have proper formatting, headings, sub-headings, images, graphs, tables, and so on.
  • The article should follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • We typically assign content ideas from our end.
  • All images must be original, licensed, or in the public domain. (Please, no infringement of intellectual property.)
  • The articles should be easy to read and broken down into sections with subheadings.
  • Contributors are not permitted to republish the same article elsewhere.

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